As of 8 January 2023 she still owns at least 32,823 units of Zoom Video Communications Inc stock. These women and men need benefits, such as maternity and paternity leave, and managers that recognize that a little flexibility for family time is paramount to keeping these employees in the workforce. of 39,739 shares made by Brian Stucki kelly steckelberg mother. A big show that pulled no punches digging into Zoom's significant retracement after exploding amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. When the founders exited the company, the board asked Steckelberg to take over as CEO. We announced a string of major milestones this year, starting in January with a $100M Series D funding round from Sequoia, and the addition of Sequoia partner Carl Eschenbach to our board of directors. Kelly has also held various roles in finance at Cisco Webex, Epiphany, PeopleSoft . Zoom Video Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. This summer, Steckelberg made a transformative gift to create the Linda Bernhard Endowed Scholarship in honor of her late mother. We had to adjust to all being remote, but the technology itself obviously was something we were all using every day for every meeting. Only the transactions in Open Market or Private Sale at the market prices are included. Most recently, she was CEO of Zoosk, where she previously held positions of CFO and COO. Get notified the next time Kelly Steckelberg buys or sells Zoom Video Communications stock. Please contact us. Ms Steckelberg owns over 18,576 units of Zoom Video Communications Inc stock worth over $2,448,268 and over the last 3 years she sold ZM stock worth over $76,595,310. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? This article appeared in the summer 2021 issue of McCombs magazine. The experience she gained as CEO gave her a fresh perspective on the CFO role. Smart Business Magazine - Insight. The brand awareness for Zoom and the flexibility of hiring has made it really easy, Steckelberg explains. During the past 18 months, 4,532,049 shares of Qualtrics International Inc (XM) were sold and 2,089,193 shares were bought by its insiders, resulting in a net My mom is amazing and had several life lesson quotes when I was growing up. Really, we were watching very closely what was happening. Next year, she hopes to resume the annual trip, perhaps with a trip to Brazil. [BREAKING] New "Living Missile" to Replace Nuclear Missiles. Finance chief Kelly Steckelberg said the growth was primarily driven by strength in Zoom's enterprise business. And I was like, What?! These women and men need benefits, such as maternity and paternity leave, and managers that recognize that a little flexibility for family time is paramount to keeping these employees in the workforce. Presently, Kelly S. Steckelberg is Chief Financial Officer at Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Ms. Steckelberg previously occupied the position of Senior Director-Consumer . I became a much better CFO because of it, and really learned how marketing, product, and engineering all work together. Twitter users saw the pic posted . Shares of video conferencing app Zoom jumped on report last Tuesday, but dipped at the end of the week as investors question the staying power of "stay at ho. and Click here to see the complete history of Kelly Steckelbergs form 4 insider trades. 2-year treasury at 4.81. They will ultimately make you and your team better., As the business world starts to transition to more in-office or hybrid working arrangements, Kelly says Zoom is keeping pace. Biden said he believes his plan to forgive millions of borrowers student loans is on the right side of the law, a day after the courts conservative majority seemed highly skeptical of the Bidens Administrations argument for the debt relief program. Her family moved often during her childhood, finally settling in Harper, Texas, a small Hill Country town where she had 15 students in her graduating class. As for Steckelberg, shes already a Malibu resident. Chief Financial Officer. a net No one could have predicted the small communication company would see a growth of more than 355 percent in two quarters throughout the pandemic.. Steckelberg had worked with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan at WebEx, another video conferencing company in the . I can be much more active and I can ask different questions because Ive really seen it and lived it. Kelly Steckelberg brings to Zoom extensive leadership and finance experience. Since my cousin Peggi met her husband through Zoosk dating site last year, I decided to take a close look at Zoosk and share my detailed Zoosk dating site review with you. a net Then they went home. Over time, what youre going to see is Zoom continues to evolve to be a platform where you spend your workday, she says. She went on to work in tax forms at PeopleSoft for a year, and then the company offered her a chance to move to Amsterdam. If youre short on accounting experience, she explained, you want to make sure you hire a really great Chief Accounting Officer who is very technically astute., I think another important aspect is making sure that you and your CEO or your controller have similar viewpoints on the approach youre going to take as a company how conservative or moderately conservative or aggressive you are on accounting standards.. Ideally, learning should be a lifelong undertaking. A Professional theme for architects, construction and interior designers Its a lifelong experience that Ill never forget., EducationMcCombs School of Business BBA/MPA 91, Career MovesEuropean Finance Director, PeopleSoft, 19952000 Various roles, including CFO of WebEx Division, Cisco, 200611CFO, COO, and CEO, Zoosk, 201117CFO, Zoom, 2017-present, Other RolesBoard Member, Qualtrics, Audit Committee ChairBoard Member, Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco. Kelly has also held various roles in finance at Cisco Webex, Epiphany, PeopleSoft, and KPMG. There are 3 executives at Zoom Video Communications Inc getting paid more, with RyanAzus having the highest compensation of $28,596,700. Days blurred as everyone tried to make sure that all of our customers and prospects that had a need for Zoom had access to it, she says. I look forward to leveraging the building blocks their financial organization has put in place to take it to the next level and to help Zoom thrive in its rapid expansion, said Kelly. Kelly Steckelberg owns 26,949 shares of Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM) as of February 9, 2023, with a value of $2 Million. , and Gurus may be added or dropped from the GuruFocus site at any time. The inaugural class of Darren Walker Scholars meets their namesake and sponsors. During the last ninety days, Kelly Steckelberg has sold $699,382.32 in shares of Zoom Video Communications stock. Most recently, she was CEO of Zoosk, where she previously held positions of CFO and COO. Steckelberg brings extensive leadership and finance experience to Zoom, a $1 billion privately held company that provides video conferencing and web conferencing services. In fact, women have a large presence on our leadership team approximately half of our senior leadership and 75% of our executive officers are women. I had not paid attention to it, she says. Its good to be Kelly Steckelberg. Eric would then demonstrate how to change the background to depict his office, or any other setting. Of course, it comes with very unique challenges to double your workforce in a complete remote environment, but weve done it. The first big family adventure, she says, was to Africa where they all volunteered at a childrens home and went on a safari. Mike took a chance on hiring me because I didnt have a SaaS background at the time, but he trusted I could learn the market. Usage of Zoom has surged during the shutdowns for everything from work meetings to yoga classes to remote cocktail and birthday parties. While she has been locked down like the rest of us, she has had to put aside her wanderlust. , We had the luxury that we all lived in the technology, Steckelberg explains. sale Though she grew up in a small-town Texas her high school graduating class had all of 15 students the high-profile Silicon Valley player . 9/18/2020 at 8:19 AM. Kelly Kay. We also give to organizations focused on bettering educational opportunities, such as Teach for America and Strikes for Kids. Zoom went public on Thursday, and shares soared 81% on its first day of trading. Learn More about insider trades at Zoom Video Communications. Kelly emphasized that its important to realize new skills can be acquired within your current company, instead of looking elsewhere to advance. The majority of her income and wealth depends upon Zoom . Steckelberg says she doesnt expect us to stop Zooming. How do you think that will help people? Its in our childrens learning. President and co-founder Whether you want to increase customer loyalty or boost brand perception, we're here for your success with everything from program design, to implementation, and fully managed services. 49 transactions in Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM) over the past 5 years, including 0 buys and 49 sells. Joe O'Halloran, Computer Weekly. Kelly's mailing address filed with the SEC is West River Park Drive, Riverbottoms, Caryhurst, Provo, Utah County, Utah, 84604, United States. Most recently, she was CEO of Zoosk, where she previously held positions of CFO and COO. of 2,442,856 shares. Steckelberg has been the CFO of Zoom Video Communications since November 2017, where she led the company through its successful IPO in 2019 and explosive growth in [] Its not just where you come together to meet, but its also where you do your work and especially continue to collaborate with colleagues or with friends and family., After a year like no other, Steckelberg hasnt visited Brazil yet, but her role at Zoom has taken her to places few people have been. Kelly Steckelberg has traded $5.3million of her shares and company Director Santiago Subotovksy has made $16 . Mother kills and COOKS pet rooster HeiHei after it pecked her daughter's face . Even watching, I dont think we could have predicted how quickly it accelerated. 2023, LLC. Over the last 4 years, insiders at Zoom Video Communications Inc have traded over $2,294,717,344 worth of Zoom Video Communications Inc stock. Chief Information Security Officer. According to this report in CNBC, less than 17 percent of senior positions in investment banks are held by women. I learned about consumers. Learn More on Kelly Steckelberg's salary. T he world changed earlier for Kelly Steckelberg than it did for most of us. In this episode of Making Markets, Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg joins the show during the week of International Women's Day as the first female guest and first CFO on Making Markets. Overall Ranking: 4.3/5. After obtaining an MA in accounting, she worked in tax and audit at KPMG. In 1880 there were 11 Steckelberg families living in Wisconsin. Our customers need support. The Texas Challenge will double your scholarship endowment gift of $100,000 or more. Dont ignore little responses that dont sit right with you. You might contact Kelly Steckelberg via mailing address: C/o Zoom Video Communications, Inc., 55 Almaden Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Jose Ca 95113. Its helped me as I came back into a CFO role again to understand how to think about prioritization when things like, were setting budgets so that I know, OK, if were going to invest here, this is likely what the outcome is going to be, and really having seen it and lived it in a very different way than just being more on the sidelines. Kelly Steckelberg is the CFO of Zoom Video Communications Inc and owns about 26,949 shares of Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM) stock worth over $2 Million . $100M Series D funding round from Sequoia, revenue growth of 150 percent and a customer base increase of 100 percent. Prior to Zoosk, Steckelberg was the Sr. Director of Consumer Segment Finance of Cisco. I n just her second job out of college, Kelly Steckelberg, BBA/MPA '91, set a goal: to become the chief financial officer of a publicly traded company.. She met that goal in 2019 when, as CFO, she helped take the technology startup Zoom public. Mini Bio (1) Kelly Steckelberg brings to Zoom extensive leadership and finance experience. 25 insider transaction in Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM) with a net . Ive been CFO at Zoom for almost two years now, and Ive had many great opportunities here, including being able to fulfill my goal of taking a company public! The fact is that Zooms fundamentals are very solid for a company its age and size, and that a profitable company going public is something of a rarity in the tech industry. Its a lot more about how you think through problems, how you problem solve, and how do you help make decisions. 2023 Forbes Media LLC. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. brings teams together to get more done in a frictionless and secure video environment. That was when many Americans started working from home, and Zoom was on its way to becoming a household name. Michael Adams. I had never worked for a company of that size, she says. We are so lucky to have her on our leadership team.. The corporate mailing address for Ms. Steckelberg and other Zoom Video Communications executives is 55 ALMADEN BOULEVARD 6TH FLOOR, SAN JOSE CA, 95113.